About Us

With our quality production principle of more than a quarter of a century from 1981 through, we continue to work as a leading institution in the sector by adding strength to our power. With the necessary team and equipment to fulfill our commitments in a timely and complete manner, Değirmencioğulları Agricultural Machinery always aims to provide the best service and to continuously increase customer satisfaction. Degirmencioğullari Machinery, which responds to every need in the field of Agricultural Machinery in order to provide both customer satisfaction and institutional benefit with its high quality product and superior service understanding, is trying to offer the best quality to its target group with the most economical aspect.

Our Vision

The first institution that comes to mind, adding value to the customers and the employees, reaching a wide audience with quality products and services, conscious of social responsibility, faithful to its values, reliable, emphasizing quality management, pioneering in product variety, with expert staff and customer-oriented service approach.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with products and services related to our entire field of activity by exceeding expectations without compromising on quality and ethical values, to be a brand that turns research and development activities into production as an institution that directs the sector.

Marketing Network

Beet Cooperatives and Agricultural Credit Cooperatives serving in every corner of Turkey and working for our farmers are the most important elements of our marketing network. We reach the farmers by means of these cooperatives the number of which reaches to 3 thousand and a large dealer network.

R & D And Our Values

The company attaches great importance to the “R & Dactivities” with universities in order to keep pace with the developing technology and to produce innovations. R & D activities with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture are carried out with our young, dynamic technical personnel and experienced staff.


We believe in the power of justice, trust, communication.


We're proud to be in Değirmencioğlu Agricultural And Food Machinery family.


Mutual respect is a must.


We believe that knowledge is valuable when it is shared instead of keeping to oneself.


We do our job right and direct everyone to do their job in the same manner.


We add our imagination to our work


The "brand pride" in the domestic market since 2007 continues abroad; the company that carries all its products to foreign markets, by exports to countries like the TRNC,Sudan, Senegal, Kuwait and Commonwealth of Independent States, and especially to neighboring countries like Georgia,Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria has taken its place among the influential institutions in the sector with its exports. The efforts of our country to enter the European Union and the establishment of the internet network have created an opportunity for business development, export development and export growth.







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Expert Staff

Our Products

Tractor Tail Shaft Moving

Feed Crushing Machines

Tractor Tail Shaft Moving

Feed Grinder Machines

Onion and Garlic Removal Machines

Onion and Garlic Processing Machines

Dry Onion Loading Machine

Onion and Garlic Processing Machines

220 V Electric Paste Mach.

Feed Crushing Machines

Eccentric Plows

Soil Tillage Machines

Onion and Garlic Reaping Machines

Onion and Garlic Processing Machines

380 V Electric Feed Crushing Machine

Feed Crushing Machines

Spring Chisel

Soil Tillage Machines

Overhead Coil Spring Cultivator

Soil Tillage Machines

Heavy Type Gobley Disc Harrow

Soil Tillage Machines

Vertical Spring Cultivator

Soil Tillage Machines


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